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An interview with Antje Hundhausen

Antje Hundhausen is the VP Brand Experience Telekom, meaning that, along with her team, she she develops and implements concepts for Future Workplace, corporate trade fairs, digital labs such as Fashion Fusion, international retail, and is responsible for the Deutsche Telekom Group’s art collection.

Antje has over 20 years of experience in the field and this year she will be one of the key note speakers at the second edition of IAA Global Conference “Creativity 4 Better”.

We have quickly chatted with Antje, to see her view on creativity and get a hint on what she will inspire us with on the 2-3 of October, at the National Theatre:

1. How do you think creativity can and will shape our world for the better?

2. How do you think that bringing in women in “traditionally” men positions will increase creativity in business? What would be the creative benefit for a brand to break through the glass ceiling?

"Generally women do think outside the box, bring in other perspectives and diversity. Creativity needs to be continuously feed and encouraged. Challenging the status quo and being open for unacquainted approaches can bring “normal” business into a next level and women are indispensable on this path. Surveys show that companies that put a priority on innovation are worth more when women hold top leadership positions – they achieve more growth, better performance and higher returns."

Listen to Antje talk about gender equality at the workplace at KOA Conference.


3. Tell us a bit about Fashion Fusion – what was your role as a Judge this year and which were the smart textiles/ smart clothing that you thought could have a decisive, massive impact on the world as we know it?

"My role as judge, and also as the founder of Telekom Fashion Fusion, is identifying digital lifestyle trends early, driving them with the help of the excellent partners, coaches and experts and the movers and shakers of the FashionTech industry, as well as bring on the best prototypes to market readiness – that’s what sets apart the innovative spirit of Fashion Fusion. Technology is unquestionably set to continue to change the fashion and lifestyle industry. Our goal is to influence that process, to make sure that user-friendly solutions form part of such changes and that the process enriches the day-to-day life of people. All three winner teams of the Telekom Fashion Fusion Challenge 2018 which created clothes or accessories with superpower, can have a massive impact on the market – be curious about my keynote."

This year’s Fashion Fusion awarded 3 smart apparel projects: Keypod, from Haifa, Interknitting from Budapest and Radice, from Munich.

The KeyPod is clothing which integrates a small, light washable microchip in clothing, with a multi-year battery life, to help the ”mobile first” generation to concentrate on the here and now when they're on the go.

Interknitting displays human interaction through LEDs knit into clothing: one interface responds to noises, while another responds to movement and touch – the project even visualizes encounters between two people.

Radice, the winner of the 3rd prize, aims to help people get restful sleep, through an innovative sleeping mask.

We are excited to have Antje tell us all about smart clothing, today and in the future, so make sure you book your ticket soon.

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