IAA Global Conference. 17 October. Bucharest The IAA Global Conference returns to Bucharest in October 2018 - IAA

The IAA Global Conference returns to Bucharest in October 2018

Creativity with a purpose – a phrase that perfectly summarizes the spirit of the International Advertising Association (IAA). 2018 is a landmark year for the IAA, as it celebrates its 80th anniversary and today the IAA’s global spirit and vision as the compass for the marcomms industry is as relevant as it was in 1938 – the year the IAA was founded in.

That spirit of creativity and voice for the industry drives all our Chapters around the world. IAA Romania Chapter embraces this ethos wholeheartedly. One of the IAA’s most active Chapters, IAA Romania is thriving. It is very active in local training and development programs geared towards the new generation of marcomms professionals; it is a local champion of marcomms effectiveness via partnership with the Effie Awards - but the ambitions are not confined to IAA Romania’s geographic boundaries. The ambition is to firmly place Romania as a new center for creativity in Central Europe. Roll back the time to October 2017 when with the help of 55+ partners, sponsors, media and organizational friends of the IAA – the IAA Romania Chapter embraced the challenge and hosted the IAA’s first global conference on creativity, titled „Creativity4Better”. The event hosted 900+ delegates from 20+ countries and brough inspiration from 25 international speakers, along the special presence of Steve Wozniak, the co-founder of Apple. Encouraged by the response to the event, the Chapter is now making plans to bring the conference back for 2nd edition on October 2nd & 3rd 2018.

The second edition of the IAA Global Conference in Bucharest Romania aims to inspire creatives, strategic thinkers, innovators, entrepreneurs, marketing and advertising professionals, not only in Romania but beyond.

I am thrilled that Romania is taking on this challenge as it places the country on the global map of large events on creativity. IAA Global Conference brings “Cannes for two days in Bucharest” and we welcome everybody working in creative industries or those who want to make a difference through innovation and creativity at their workplace, to join us. Even more, Bucharest is well known for its hospitality.” says Felix Tătaru, the IAA’s Chairman and President.

The 2017 edition laid the foundations behind the thinking that creativity is an essential resource in EVERY business and an enabler of growth and differentiation. The 2018 edition will build on this premise further still and promises to be a great event gathering world thinkers, innovators and those that are constantly seeking to push creative boundaries.

If you'd like to see some of the key moments of the first edition of the IAA Global Conference, held in Bucharest on the 24-25th October 2017:

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