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Sheba Nandkeolyar

Global Vice President – Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion, IAA

Sheba is a Multicultural & Diversity Marketing leader. She advises marketers on how to increase revenue through targeting these untapped audience segments. For some marketers who have included multicultural and diversity marketing in their overall marketing mix, multicultural and diversity brand affiliation is their best kept marketing secret.

Her firm belief is that using audience insights to align marketing messages to diverse audiences yields the strongest results. Many of her clients have experienced increased engagement by incorporating diverse audiences and messages in their creative campaigns.

Sheba is the Founder and CEO of MultiConnexions, Australia’s leading independent multicultural and diversity marketing and advertising agency.  

Sheba is Global Vice President – Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, International Advertising Association, a role that sees her leading global initiatives to champion diversity across all IAA chapters globally. 

She is also an Advisory Board Member of Media Diversity Australia, a national not-for-profit with a vision for a media industry with full and equal participation for culturally diverse people at all levels. 

Prior to founding MultiConnexions Group, Sheba was CEO/ MD at Interpublic, McCann, and Ogilvy/ WPP Group. Sheba’s experience spans across several continents including India, China, Hong Kong, UK and the US.

Sheba is a recipient of the IAA Champion Inspire Award for her lifetime achievements and excellence in local, regional, and global communication, a Gold EFFIE for multicultural advertising among others.

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