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Thecla Schaeffer

Marketing Magic Maker / Chief Marketing Officer

 In marketing land, she’s Chief Marketing Officer. But at Tony’s, she’s Marketing Magic Maker. Or, you know, just Thecla. Our feisty ideator with a résumé as colorful as her oeuvre of hairstyles. Covering a full spectrum from cum laude psych grad to ad land strategy hotshot to the denim dudette, pedal-pushing CMO of both G-Star RAW and Accell Group. And holy chocolate, did she work on some cool projects. Remember those G-Star jeans made of plastic bottles from the ocean? All hers. Not to mention a collab with Pharrell Williams. That’s the magic that comes from mixing social and cultural psychology with youth culture and social identity. We’re pretty psyched ourselves to have her on board since September 2019, because there’s ambition and there’s Thecla. Our mission is to change the worldwide chocolate industry, and Thecla aims for no less.