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Umair Mohsin

Chief Marketing Officer, Telenor Pakistan

Umair Mohsin is leading Telenor Pakistan’s commercial division in the capacity of Chief Marketing Officer and has been associated with the company since its launch in Pakistan in 2004. Umair has a diverse experience of working in various roles of Marketing and Sales functions, of telecommunication firms in Pakistan and Saudi Arabia. Umair has successfully led diverse teams and is a firm believer that providing an enabling environment and trust based working culture leads to teams delivering in challenging operating environment.

He has done his Electrical Engineering from NED University (Pakistan) and later did his MBA from LUMS (Pakistan). 

His perception is that he is very happily married but research (source – wife) suggest that she is ‘just happily married’ .. implying that he needs there is need to learn, improve and deliver on his brand promise and value proposition. This he believes applies to his professional life also – and hence the drive for delivering excellence continues.