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Established in 1938, the International Advertising Association is the only global association that represents all areas of the marketing and communications industry. Our membership is drawn from marketers, advertising, media, digital and public relations agencies, as well as media companies, technology platforms, research firms, government organizations, and universities.

We have established ourselves as the "global compass" of the MARCOM industry. With our global influence, vast network, and grass roots operations, we are the natural resource for the issues that confront today’s demanding and fast-changing business environment. For technology platforms, agencies, and manufacturers, our mission is to navigate the changing business, marketing and communications landscape to ensure the enduring value of brands in this era of consumer empowerment.

Today, more than ever, the MARCOM industry needs a compass to maneuver through the inevitable changes that have been accelerated through COVID and the need for leaders who can successfully build direct to consumer brands.


IAA Romania was founded in 1993 to serve the interests of the local advertising, marketing and media industries. Its vision is to propel Romania as a Global Creative Hub, by supplying inspiration and courage, education and strong models to professionals in the marcom industry.
IAA Romania promotes international advertising & marketing standards to encourage the Romanian marcom ecosystem to thrive in adopting innovation, to embrace and grow future talents and to expand on new markets.
Throughout its 25 years of existence, IAA Romania has inspired excellence in communications through conferences, awards, workshops and educational programs.

About IAA Global

The International Advertising Association (IAA) is a one of a kind global partnership between marketing companies, communication agencies, media platforms and educational institutions. Across an ever-changing marketing landscape, we serve as a compass dedicated to pointing the industry toward the high-ground of brand loyalty and high brand valuation. This is underpinned by marketing communications that enhance the lives of consumers and it is fuelled by harnessing the power of creativity.

The International Advertising Association was funded in 1938 and has members in over 56 countries, with its main office in New York. The IAA is committed to protect the freedom of expression in commercial areas, responsible advertising, consumer choice and the education of marcom professionals.