Creativity4Better. Human Creativity for Societal Change. Eva and Marta Yarza speak at Creativity4Better 2018

Eva and Marta Yarza

Founders of the Yarza Twins

Eva and Marta Yarza are Spanish graphic designers based in London and founders of the design studio the Yarza Twins.

Born in Vigo, they both started collaborating in projects since a very early age, at nine they completed what they thought was the longest drawing ever made. They left their hometown at 18 to study in Madrid, Eva studied BA Fine Arts and Marta studied BA Construction Engineering, then they left to London to complete their MA Communication Design studies at Central Saint Martins.

Eva worked in a couple of studios in London before heading to New York to work at Sagmeister & Walsh, when she came back to the city, she worked for a couple of other studios, Marta was meanwhile working in the city as an art director and they decided to join forces and retake their twins energy to create new and exciting projects.

They opened their studio a year ago, and so far they have had the pleasure of working with brands like Smirnoff, HP, Formula E, Universal Music Group, Viceland and Adobe.

Their work focuses on concept and execution, they use their background in arts and architecture to craft each of their clients’ needs into something relevant, exciting and tangible.